Dr. Jois Foundation


Watch Baby Olive’s story below. She is a Dr. Jois Foundation patient.

The Dr. Jois Foundation is a non-profit entity whose main objective is to provide medical care to patients with limited resources that have exhausted all other medical options and who may benefit from, but not be able to afford, our cutting-edge treatment.

We provide medical, therapeutic and interdisciplinary services under the framework of comprehensive rehabilitation and specialized medical assistance based on the latest advances in translational, palliative and regenerative medicine. Combined with biotechnological derivatives, we’re able to help those with injuries to the central and or peripheral nervous system who are without a medical or surgical option. This is where the term “No Option” comes from that you will see throughout our website and studies.

Early in his career, Dr. Joel Isaias Osorio Garcia found that there were limited choices for people with “No Option” injuries. He saw patients in desperation, seeking dangerous options from faith in miracles to unorthodox treatments that were not based in scientific evidence. In 2016, while participating in an initiative called the “Reanima Project”, Dr. Joel Isaías Osorio García (Dr. Jois) became passionate about treating patients with irreversible neurological damage and other “No Option” cases. This is how the Dr. Jois Foundation was born.

Dr. Jois has traveled all over the world demonstrating through case studies, how his patients benefitted and reached optimal health and recovery through regenerative medicine. To date, he has presented in over 20 countries, sharing his case studies to medical congresses and at scientific conferences where he’s met with the most renowned scientists and specialists in the field. He has become a world-renowned doctor and speaker in the exciting field of regenerative medicine.

Our approach is unique. We’ve found that our patients benefit from a customized approach through a series of personalized and innovative regeneration protocols that bring a dramatic and obvious benefit to them through the Dr. Jois Foundation. We provide the possibility of recovery.

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